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We are a MTO (Ministry of Transportation) Approved Online based Driving School currently operating within the City of Mississauga and Brampton. We help individuals successfully attain a Drivers Licensed in Ontario. We focus on making driver training easy to learn, practice and access. We provide effective driver training and E-learning strategies for individuals eager to excel through Ontario’s graduated drivers licensing system. Train with Provincially Certified Instructors and Former Driver Examiners.

Online Drivers was founded by a Provincially Certified Driving Instructor and highly experienced Driver Examiner. He has evaluated and assessed the driving skills of thousands of road test applicants and knows what determines a successful applicant vs an unsuccessful applicant. For those familiar with the driving test centers, he has examined applicants out of Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Brampton and Oakville locations. His empathy and passion to train individuals how to succeed ignited the rise of Online Drivers.

Our team consists of hands-on, experienced industry professionals trained thoroughly who want you to succeed the first time. There is no driving skill, driving technique or test route we are unaware of. 

Our driving instructors give precise instruction pertaining to the knowledge and driving skills required to pass all of your official driving examinations.  

Although we take pride in preparing students to pass the first time. We promote defensive driving and road safety. Especially to those aged 16-25 who are amongst the highest percentage involved in collisions on Ontario roadways. We recognize every collision is preventable with the knowledge, driving skills, and observation each and every Online Drivers student develops.  Our short term goal is a successful road test. Our long term goal is your safety.


A Statement From Online Drivers 

"A Driver's License is essential to people of all walks of life. For a student, it may be a necessity to travel to and from school; for a newcomer to Ontario, a necessity for a job application; for a family member, a necessity to get their kids to soccer practice or a doctor's appointment. We want to help make that a reality."

Online Drivers Instructors

Online Drivers Mississauga, Milton and Brampton Instructors understand that It is important for individuals seeking to obtain a Drivers License in Ontario, develop the driving skills found on the Examination Scoresheet. We are the only Driving School who internally trains their instructors on how to mark and analyze a Scoresheet.  

Our Instructors have the expertise to safely prepare individuals for every situation they will encounter during a road test. 

All individuals who register will receive one-one Driving Lessons with both a Certified Driving Instructor and a Highly Qualified Driver Examiner.

Aim for a perfect road test score only with Online Drivers!

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