What Is A Scoresheet?

A Scoresheet is an assessment tool used to measure the Driving Skills of a road test applicant. The Scoresheet is completed by the Driver Examiner during a road test to determine whether the applicant is fit or unfit to obtain a Drivers License. Passing or Failing a road test depends on the final score administered on the Scoresheet. 


On the day of your Official G2 Road Test you will have to perform 7 Driving Manoeuvres; Start, Backing, Driving Along, Intersections, Turns, Parking (Parallel), and Parking on a Grade (Uphill/Downhill).
When performing these Manoeuvres you will be scored on a total of 118 Driving Skills.
Disclaimer: Images are to be used for educational purposes only. The record of G1 examination scoresheet is owned by Service Ontario and the Ministry of Transportation. Online Drivers does not claim to own the record of G1 Examination Scoresheet.

Online Drivers Instructors

Online Drivers Mississauga and Brampton Instructors consist of Former Driver Examiners understand that It is important for individuals seeking to obtain a Drivers License in Ontario, develop the driving skills found on the Examination Scoresheet. We are the only Driving School who internally trains their instructors on how to mark and analyze a Scoresheet.  

Our Instructors have the expertise to safely prepare individuals for every situation they will encounter during a road test. 

All individuals who register will receive one-one Driving Lessons with both a Certified Driving Instructor and a Highly Qualified Driver Examiner.

Aim for a perfect road test score only with Online Drivers!




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